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Milk / Formula Support

We provide milk formula (Lactogen) for the baby on a weekly basis and train the caregiver on hygienic milk preparation to combat the risk of malnutrition. If a child is older than a year but suffering from severe malnutrition, we offer support in the form of powdered milk and peanut butter.

Parent Education

We educate caregivers on issues regarding nutrition; health; basic first aid; the importance of clean water, hygiene, and sanitation; and child development. We also support them with HIV counseling and refer them to hospitals and clinics when necessary. All families are provided with a mosquito net if they report that they do not have one.

Life Skills Training

We work with families to teach or improve basic life skills, including: business techniques, financial matters, child care, and improved farming techniques.

Follow-up & Monitoring

All of these services are provided at Neema House so that we can weigh the children weekly to ensure that they are gaining weight and monitor their ongoing health. We assist families with transport costs to and from the home to eliminate that barrier and to prevent any additional financial stressor on the family.

Medical Support

Sometimes malnutrition co-exists with other health conditions that have either contributed to (ie: cleft palate) or resulted from (ie: liver damage) the malnutrition. In these instances, we work with the family and consult with doctors to help address these additional concerns holistically.

Business Start-up

Once we have built up a good relationship with the family, we will support them with business planning and start-up supplies so they can run a small sustainable business to provide for their whole family on a consistent, long-term basis.

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Maisha Matters empowers Tanzanian families to care for their children. We give initial life-saving support that will permanently allow them to move themselves out of poverty.

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