What We Do

At Neema House, we seek to care for children when they are most vulnerable, to ensure their health and well-being, and to help develop long-term plans for a safe and loving home in the community, preferably with family.  When children are found abandoned, severely malnourished, or at risk of safety, we offer residential care on an interim basis until other long-term plans can be made.  When possible, however, we seek to offer support to families in the community to prevent the need for out of home care.  This support could include: milk formula (Lactogen) support, parent / caregiver education and training, provision of mosquito nets, assistance with school uniforms, assistance with business start-ups for long-term sustainability, or other follow-up support.

Neema House is committed to providing the best quality interim care for children while also seeking to help return children to families in the community, either through reunification with biological families or through adoptive placements.  To date, no child from the Geita Region has ever been adopted through the official processes of Tanzania, so Neema House is working with local social welfare offices and interested adoptive families to navigate the lengthy process and help these children be placed into loving homes.

All children at Neema House Drop-In Centre are placed by the Social Welfare Department, either through the Town Council, District, Regional, or Hospital offices.  Neema House gathers as much information about the child as possible at the time of placement, and then seeks to locate and/or make contact with family members to begin exploring options for long term sustainability in a home with family.  Within 24 hours after placement, every child is taken to the hospital for a complete medical examination, including blood work to check for possible infections and/or HIV.  If needed, children are given medication to treat any ailments that they have at the time of placement.