Our Impact

The vision of Neema House was to care for and serve the most vulnerable of children in the Geita region. In the past three years we have seen tremendous growth in our impact on the community, increasing from working with 20 children our first year to 257 children this past year (an increase of over 1200%).  

Additionally, during our time here we have seen 57% of the children placed at Neema House leave to either be successfully reunited with family or move into adoptive homes. Though we believe that the need still exists for a residential home such as ours in instances where children are abandoned, abused, or have no family to care for them in the moment, we also are committed to doing everything possible to make arrangements for these children to grow up in homes with families, whether biological or adoptive.

Charles was adopted in April 2018, 2 years after he arrived at Neema House

Charles was adopted in April 2018, 2 years after he arrived at Neema House

Annual Growth


In the midst of this growth, we have also expanded our mission to support children in their homes and prevent the need for out-of-home placement whenever possible. As a result of our intensive work through our Maisha Matters program, 81% of children served during this past year received support in their homes through our community outreach program. In many cases, the support given to families enabled an extended family member to care for a child rather than seeking residential care due to lack of resources in the home. 

In addition to Maisha Matters, Neema House has assisted eight other children during the past year with educational or medical support. One of these children will continue to receive ongoing assistance over the next year due to the chronic nature of her needs, but in most instances assistance is given on a one-time basis.



of the children served in 2017-2018 were helped through outreach programs. 

Community Outreach


In addition to our primary programs, we also have a positive impact on the broader Geita community through employment of over 30 Tanzanians in positions such as management, social workers, caregivers, and support staff. Every employee is given a good salary, contribution to social security, and is offered a savings program. We also support the economy by purchasing all food & supplies locally, as well as hiring local carpenters, plumbers, welders, and other specialists in Geita to assist on our projects. 

You can read more about our history and impact in our most recent Annual Report